Start up your Business in Mallorca

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Mallorca Entrepreneurship Hub aims to unite all stakeholders which are involved or interested in entrepreneurial activities in Mallorca.

The purpose of this group is to showcase and discuss all relevant topics and tools which are mandatory to build a successful business on the island.

If you know about helpful resources to build a business in Mallorca then feel free to share these things here i.e. coworking spaces, help from local institutions and goverments, business associations, start-up contests etc.

If you have any doubts about running a business or if you are looking for a business partner or investors, then this group can be helpful to connect with the right people.

This group is inspired and hosted by Purposeful Business Mallorca and

Its founder Till Kraemer is a Business Consultant and Career Coach with 20+ years experience in his field. He is a passionate advocate of entrepreneurship and believes that basically every human being has the potential to become an entrepreneur.

He helps upcoming founders and experienced business owners to align their talents and personal resources with their passions – in order to create impactful business models which are at the same time highly profitable.

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash